Parent Staff Association

The Ogbourne Parent School Association (PSA) consists of parents, teachers and members of the community. Our aim is to raise money and organise fun, social events for adults and children, with barn dances, jumble sales, Easter egg hunts, race nights, Summer fairs and film nights to name but a few.

How is the PSA Organised?

Ogbourne Primary PSA is a registered charity, governed by a written constitution. This constitution lays out the PSA’s objectives and how it is run. The day to day running of the PSA is the responsibility of a committee which is made up of both parent and staff volunteers.

There are a number of official positions on the committee which are needed to fulfil the PSA’s obligations as a registered charity and these include a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. This all sounds very formal but in fact most roles on the PSA committee are informal and involve running events and other fundraising activities.

What does the PSA do?

The PSA’s objectives are two-fold; to raise money to improve the educational opportunities available to the children at Ogbourne C of E Primary School and to help foster a strong sense of community among the children, parents and staff. Every year the PSA raises a lot of money and makes a very positive contribution to the school.


What does the PSA do with the money raised?

Look around the school and you’ll see where the money goes! Wall murals, improvement to the library and cloakroom areas, the canopy for the reception classroom allowing outdoor play as well as playground seating, are just a few things funded by the PSA.

In addition PSA funds have provided new laptops plus various school trips and enrichment days. We are very proud of the funds used to install a defibrillator which is also available for village residents.

Why should I get involved?

Being part of the PSA, in any capacity, is a great way to stay connected to your child’s school life and it sends a very positive message to your child about how much you value their education and school environment. It’s also a lot of fun! If you are a parent who is new to the school, being involved in the PSA is a fast track way of getting to know the school, staff and other parents.

You don’t need to make a big commitment and there are lots of different ways to get involved, even if you only have a little time to spare. You don’t need any specific skills and it’s a great opportunity to learn new ones. If the PSA isn’t for you right now, you can still make a much-valued contribution by coming along to the events and supporting the fundraising.

How can I find out more?

Everyone is welcome at the Committee meetings whether actively involved in the PSA or not. You can also talk to any of our committee or the school office who will keep you up to date with events and activities. Look out for newsletters and the Ogbourne PSA Facebook page for the latest information.

Current Core Committee Members:

  • Mrs Anna Burch
  • Mrs Chris Fuller
  • Mrs Kate Lowe (Chair of PSA)
  • Mrs Nina Sharland
  • Mrs Claire Cates
  • Mrs Lucy Crump (Head of School)