Our Curriculum Intent

Underpinning all our work are our core values:

Love, Friendship, Integrity, Respect, Effort and Hope

Our definition of  learning:  A change in long-term memory
Our definition of  progress: Knowing and remembering more

Our curriculum is designed with three goals in mind:

  • To provide a carefully structured and knowledge-rich academic curriculum which is built around helping pupils to build their knowledge and understanding of key concepts in all subject areas. We build our curriculum around key substantive and disciplinary knowledge which changes pupils’ perceptions and their understanding, as well as developing their values. We aim to ensure that pupils develop frameworks for gaining new knowledge which is embedded and retrieved easily, so that they can progress to expert outcomes and deepen their understanding.  It is our intent to teach children about real-life heroes in each of the subject disciplines and our intent is to begin to grow the scientists, historians etc of the future.
  • To give pupils appropriate experiences to develop as caring, thoughtful and, responsible citizens, and to develop into happy and well-balanced young people, by teaching and upholding the values of the Christian faith, as well as developing strong and independent learners; Ogbourne learning heroes’.
  • To provide a rich ‘cultural capital’ in the knowledge of the world which prepares pupils for life in modern Britain. Through this, we develop the breadth of pupils’ vocabulary so that they can express themselves maturely.
Ogbourne CofE Primary School, part of the Excalibur Academies Trust. 
Photograph ©2023 Sam Frost…